Former Ruff Ryders member Eve recently spoke out on her admiration for rap veteran Lil’ Kim and why she is not losing sleep over getting referenced by Nicki Minaj on Meek Mill‘s “I Be On Dat” track.

After gushing over the Queen Bee, E-v-e said Minaj does not have to worry about any retaliation over being name-dropped.

She has developed a friendship with Lil’ Kim and wants to work with her more. “I love Kim. I’ve always been a Kim fan since I was in high school. I was smoking a lot of blunts listening to Kim. I would love to get with her on another record.” Nicki Minaj raised some eyebrows when she rapped about Eve on Meek Mill’s “I Be On Dat” (“It’s a Ruff ride, E-V-E”). So how did Eve react to the verse? “I think it’s cool. As long as it’s not derogatory, I’m fine with it. I f*cks with her,” she said. “As long as we keep it in peace, it’s fine.” She also issued a message to those who try to pit them against one another: “It needs to stop, seriously.” (Rap-Up)

Back in May, the Philadelphia rapper suggested media is largely responsible for trying to get female artists to go at one another’s necks.

“I’d rather avoid beef than use it in my career. The biggest misconception about female rappers today is that we’re trying to take another person’s light and we’re all competing against each other. I hate drama. If you have a problem with me, let’s talk about it woman to woman. Media pitting female artists against each other is the dumbest thing in the world. I don’t indulge in that sh*t.” (Complex)

In February, Eve admitted she wished all female hip-hop artists would end their feuds and disputes for good.

Backtrack, think back, E-V-E! Step aside, Nicki Minaj! Eve is back in action and ready to take back the rap royalty crown! Last night on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, the Philly rapper slash actress tackled some topics with Andy Cohen, in regards to a rumored feud with Mz. Minaj! So, just what does Eve think about the Starships songstress? Eve revealed: “I don’t do beefs. I never have, I never will. I wish us girls would stick together, we all need each other.” (Perez Hilton)

Outside of the beef-related topics, she recently killed a rumor related to her expecting a baby.

Don’t believe everything you read online. I was reminded of that after I did a quick Google search before getting on the phone with Eve, the Grammy-award winning rapper, and then congratulated her on being pregnant. She’s not. “It’s been circulating a lot. A lot. I don’t know where it came from,” Eve said of the pregnancy rumors. “I’ve been saying my due date is the album, May 14th, just turning it into that. But no, I’m not pregnant.” (Philly)

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