R&B singer Erykah Badu is going with a shorter look with s summer around the corner. The Texas native has shared some sneak peeks at her latest hairstyle.

Badu x Hairstyle

This week, Miss Badu hit up Instagram with the must-see pics. The shots feature Erykah Badu rocking a bunch of multi-colored rubber band twists with short hair.

““ Keep playin … “: -Erykah Badu’s Instagram

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“ Keep playin … “

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Erykah Badu’s short hair
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Press play.

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I smile wit my whole body

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High-Key Details

Recently, Badu went online to share her thoughts on how the music biz could make things right for the Black Lives Matter movement. Specifically, she singled out the record industry on how it conducts business with its black musicians.

Wait, There’s More

Earlier this year, Badu dished on her recent successful string of quarantine performances she put together. In addition to putting respect on her own name, Erykah Badu also acknowledged how her creation could encourage peers to come up with their own paid, online concerts.

“Here we are, proof of concept,” she said. “It can be done and it can be done by an artist, who can erase the invisible lines between myself and fans, or in this case, the user. Instead of going through streaming services, who handle the payments from customers and pay me, the artist, 30 cents or 10 cents, I could directly do business with the people I am serving. It’s a magnificent feeling. … I learned that I don’t mind taking the weight or the loss, because if it encourages other artists to use this new platform to sustain themselves and their ecostystem, then it’s worth it. My mom said, ‘If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s because it has not been done.” (Forbes)

Erykah Badu says paid, online concerts should be our way forward post-quarantine

Before You Go

In early April 2020, Badu put on a must-see performance. She recently shared a highlight clip from her “Apocalypse 2: The Experimental Room” concert.

“4/5 APOCALYPSE 2 : THE EXPERIMENTAL ROOM / window seat : Featuring Badu and her electronic band THE CANNABINOIDS (( @robfree @picnictyme @dja1 @djbigtexas ))ON HER OWN PLATFORM BADUWORLDMARKET. . . Live from BADUBOTRON From THE QUARINTINE CONCERT SERIES . YOU witnessed an interactive Livestream experience that allowed the user to choose which room / world each song was performed inside of . The three rooms the user chose between were BEDROOM , BASA NOVA , and EXPERIMENTAL.” -Erkyah Badu’s Instagram