Erykah Badu Can’t Stomach Method Man/Wendy Williams 1-Night Stand: “Yuk”

Written By Chris Goossens

Erykah Badu Grossed Out Over Wendy Williams

R&B veteran Erykah Badu is feeling grossed out. After radio icon Wendy Williams recently revealed some intimate details about an alleged night with a Wu-Tang Clan member, the Grammy-winning singer took to social media with her reaction.

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Erykah Badu Reacts To One Night Stand Story

On a post about Williams’ interview with DJ Suss One, she commented her feelings. Badu dropped a hilarious reaction to the news of Williams’ one-night stand with Method Man.


50 Cent Trolls Method Man + Wendy Williams

Whenever there’s a scandalous hip-hop headline, you can expect New York rapper 50 Cent to jump into the fray with some high-quality trolling. The G-Unit boss of course had something to say about recent rumors suggesting veteran rapper Method Man and the TV/radio host once slept together. The Internet blew up when Wendy Williams claimed that she and Wu-Tang member had a one-night stand years ago. When 50 Cent got word of the story, he went on Instagram to have a laugh at Meth and Wendy’s expense with a couple of since-deleted posts.

“The f*ck kinda weed made you do that blood. LOL. OH NO WHAT THE F*CK GOING ON.”

“πŸ‘€ If i was you @methodmanofficial i would not remember that sh*t either. LOL never b*tch i don’t remember πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†”

Wendy Williams Has A Message For Reginae Carter

The TV personality recently had some words for Lil Wayne’s daughter. After Reginae Carter’s boo YFN Lucci was arrested for his connection to a recent murder, Williams took to the air with a stern message.

“We all around here, including the men here, were like, ‘who is she to tell us how to conduct ourselves?’ She’s only 21-years-old, like, we don’t want to hear advice from a 21-year-old privileged– and you are privileged, you know that– beautiful, enhanced… The whole world is yours. Who are you to tell us about relationships? ‘I’m going through a divorce, I’m gonna call Reginae’. Hopefully, you’re not gonna get back with him. First of all, it’s wrong because he has four kids and I know your dad did a song with him, so what? Your dad’s in trouble himself. I know you know.”

Bow Wow Fires Warning Shot At Wendy?

The simmering beef between rapper/actor Bow Wow and Williams recently ignited. The rap veteran appeared to strike with a cryptic message potentially aimed at the gossip personality.

“Dont take my kindness for weakness. The BEAST in me is sleep. NOT DEAD” -Bow Wow’s Instagram

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Written by Chris Goossens

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