Vixen Erica Mena is making the married life look very promising to any bachelors nervous about jumping the broom. The “Love & Hip Hop” star went online this week to share a thirst trap-approved new shot of herself embracing major swimsuit goals.

Erica Mena’s Morning Swim

On Wednesday, Mena hit up her Instagram page to blow a few million fans’ minds away. She shared a shot of herself fresh out of a swimming pool.

“@fashionnova Morning Swim 💦 FashionnovaPartner” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Recently, Mena went to Instagram with a must-like new shot. The pic featured Erica rocking the same fashion drip as her and husband Safaree Samuels‘ daughter.

“@fashionnova Safaree’s Baby Motha 😜 FashionnovaPartner” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Erica Mena’s twinning daughter moment is too priceless to miss.

Wait, There’s More

In mid-July 2020, Mena added a wild twist to Flashback Friday. She shared a ton of glimpses into the past with priceless moments alongside her husband Safaree Samuels.

“Wow! A real Flash Back Friday ✨You really chased me for years and now we’re here 🥰♥️ @safaree I absolutely LOVE being your wife.” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Before You Go

A few weeks ago, Erica went to her Instagram page with a boo’d up moment alongside Safaree on the couch. The shot also featured her nurturing their baby girl for a memorable photoshoot moment.

“Can you believe it’s almost her half birthday already ✨She’s perfection. A perfect blend of us both🌹 S.M.S 🌹 Photograph by the one and only @mr_guerra” -Erica Mena’s Instagram