“Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena has no problem going with the ‘baby mother’ title just as long as people fit the words ‘queen’ and ‘wife’ in there too. The popular vixen went online this week to share an epic twinning moment alongside her daughter.

Erica Mena’s Twinning Daughter

Heading into Friday, Mena went to Instagram with a must-like new shot. The pic features Erica rocking the same fashion drip as her and husband Safaree Samuels‘ mini-me.

“@fashionnova Safaree’s Baby Motha 😜 FashionnovaPartner” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Erica Mena’s twinning daughter moment is too priceless to miss.

High-Key Details

Heading into Tuesday, Mena announced the unthinkable on her social media pages. She revealed plans to satisfy her hubby on premium subscription service OnlyFans and offered the footage for $50.

“Whew! #EricaMena is not playing games on her OnlyFans page. Today she reportedly teased fans on the app with a message saying she dropped a video of her “satisfying” her hubby #Safaree. __ The steamy video reportedly involved nudity and some tongue kissing. Both Erica and Safaree joined the app not too long ago during the pandemic.” -TSR’s Instagram

“Thanks for the promo love! 🤑” -Erica Mena


Wait, There’s More

Heading into last Saturday, Mena added a wild twist to Flashback Friday. She shared a ton of glimpses into the past with priceless moments alongside her husband Safaree Samuels.

“Wow! A real Flash Back Friday ✨You really chased me for years and now we’re here 🥰♥️ @safaree I absolutely LOVE being your wife.” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last week, Erica went to her Instagram page with a boo’d up moment alongside Safaree on the couch. The shot also featured her nurturing their baby girl for a memorable photoshoot moment.

“Can you believe it’s almost her half birthday already ✨She’s perfection. A perfect blend of us both🌹 S.M.S 🌹 Photograph by the one and only @mr_guerra” -Erica Mena’s Instagram