[After packing his bags to join Maybach Music Group rapper Stalley for his From Me To You tour, Coney Island’s finest Torae spoke to SOHH about his relationship with the Ohio native.]

Sneakers and kicks, definitely. D*mn man, I knew Stalley before MMG. We had done a bunch of shows together, just being on the grind, being on the come up.

I saw he was putting the tour together, I wasn’t on it initially but he reached out to a few people, I had the ["Entitled”] album coming, so I was like, “Yeah, I think we should do something together, get on a couple dates.”

It’s dope. I feel like we both got a different audience but some of our audience crosses as well so it would be dope to rock with some Stalley people, they rock with some Torae people and of course we got the commonality in there as well.

I’m sure [S[Stalley’s love for Brooklyn]as something more to than just me but what’s there not to love? Brooklyn is a great culture, music-wise, food-wise and clothing-wise and the ladies are fly.

Brooklyn is the life. Why wouldn’t you love it?

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