[With fans still adjusting to “Empire” not airing on Wednesdays, show star Bre-Z tells SOHH if five Freda Gatz characteristics relate to her real life.]

1. Writing Your Own Rhymes

I write every piece of material that is portrayed through Freda Gatz.

2. Barber

I’ve been a barber my whole life, or at least most of my life, since I was young.

3. Violent Character

The characteristics of Freda are very much the same ones that I have minus the violence. I’m not a violent person. I’m not killing anybody, I’m not shooting anybody. I’m not going to jail. But a lot of who she is, is who I am.

4. Father


I can’t relate to having the same father that’s portrayed on the show. My father is right here cooking breakfast. Chris Rock is not my real father.

5. Battle Rapping

I think I’m an artist and I’m very much a writer and I think I could do whatever it is that I would need to do. But it’s never been my preference. The battle rapping is not my preference. I do enjoy watching it but it’s never been my preference so it’s something that I’ve never really done.