[With Fox’s “Empire” back for the latter part of season 2, we’re giving you our personal picks of the top 5 moments from Wednesday’s “Death Will Have His Way” episode.]


Hakeem gets his ass broomstick whooped by Cookie– again. Cookie is on a rampage and the target of her rage is Hakeem, whose vote to remove his father as CEO of Empire threatens the family dynasty.

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Rhonda loses the heir to the throne — she and Andre’s promised child — in a devastating fall. She was pushed but either doesn’t remember or fakes her memory loss, telling Andre there is no God.

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Cookie Camilla

“You really gonna take this bitch over your family?” Camilla flexes on Cookie, telling her that she owns Hakeem and that she will make him CEO of Empire.

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Hakeem’s clownish “money suit” emblazoned with foreign currency stamps from head to toe mocks his status as Empire’s new baby CEO. The immature Lyon cub isn’t savvy enough to match Cookie’s conniving — he falls right into her trap and agrees to acquire Lyon Dynasty — giving Cookie the foothold to takeback control of Empire.

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“Now pull the damn trigger.” Lucious invites Hakeem to a rendezvous beneath a dark highway to discuss The Empire. Lucious hands Hakeem a revolver and coaxes him to kill him — promising to hunt down and kill Hakeem if Hakeem doesn’t kill him first.