[With the two-hour “Empire” finale airing tonight, actor Bryshere Gray a.k.a. Hakeem Lyon gives SOHH his take on co-star Jussie Smollett coming out in real life and dishing on how they’ve dealt with fans in public.]

From my perspective, it’s 2015. If you’re that insecure with yourself that you can’t love somebody for who they are, then you should just stay in the house and lock the door.

I’m that type of person that doesn’t care who you are. I love everybody and I feel like that’s how the world should be.

The fans are amazing. Me and Jussie [Smollett], we were in Chicago when everything started building up and we used to go to the gym and work out and people would go bananas.

We can’t go grocery shopping no more. It’s just pandemonium.

It’s a dream come true, working with Oscar-nominated actors and directors, it’s just great. I’m in a great place, Jussie’s in a great place.

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