[With “Empire” season three fully launched, actress Serayah (who plays Tiana) talks to SOHH about what’s on deck in the coming episodes.]

The storylines on “Empire” are always worldly influenced which I love.

The episode we’re working on now kind of plays on to women being in the industry, or rather black women being in the industry and those wanting to gain control, what it looks like and how things should be.

It’s very much about “What would you do?” and I feel like I’m so excited for everyone to see the storylines this year. The writing is so magnificent and I feel like me and my other cast members think so.

The writing is great and in this season, we’re really diving into a lot.

I can’t wait for them to release all of the episodes.

I’m so glad they showed [the Andre police assault] because obviously he wasn’t doing anything and we see that. I’m about using a platform that you’ve been granted to reflect things that are important in the world.

It’s great. “Empire” is one of the biggest shows on Fox and the fact we get to do that is amazing.

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