[With “Empire” shocking fans with its finale last night (March 18), actor Jussie Smollett tells SOHH what’s to come with season two and when fans can expect his own solo music.]

I’m excited. I’m excited because there’s so much more to come. The dope thing about Season 1 is that there are still questions to be answered.

I feel like Season 1 was the set up and then Season 2 will be, okay, let’s go back and let’s clean up all of the Lyons’ stuff, if you will. I’m very happy. I’m very excited where Jamal, where his journey has taken him, from beginning to now, and where it’s going to end up going. I’m very excited.

The album will have to be sometime next year because we do this promotional tour and then we go straight to – and I’m going to be writing and recording, just, but we go straight to filming Season 2 come early summer, so there’s not necessarily a lot of time. We’ll be in the thick of recording new music for Season 2.