[With the two-hour “Empire” finale airing tonight, actor Jussie Smollett tells SOHH what’s his most nerve-racking scene from season one.]

The toughest scene for me was one that I’m not in. I was on the set and [the child] who plays baby Jamal is my god son. So I was there on-set with his mom when they shot the trashcan scene.

I just wanted to make sure he was okay and he was unaffected by it all. He understands all of it but was unaffected. But to be there at that moment, all of us adults, we were so affected and this baby was so unaffected by it and going through it knowing that’s really happened in real life. That was probably the toughest scene that we shot, for me.

But again, that was a scene that I wasn’t even in. I feel like since seeing that scene, I was able to understand the scene where I perform “Good Enough.”

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