Empire: Top 5 Best Moments of “My Bad Parts” Season 2, Episode 8

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Empire - Hakeem, Cookie and Laz

“Don’t you ever touch my son! You hear that?” – Cookie

Cookie delivers a crazy pimp slap across the face of Laz that has him lean all the way back. Cookie clearly shows that, despite Lucious‘ betrayal of Hakeem, blood is thicker than water.


Empire - Anika aka Boo Boo Kitty

“We still homies right?” – Hakeem

Seems that Anika aka Boo Kitty Kitty is about to have a kitten and it looks like Hakeem’s the father. In desperation, Anikka shows up at his house to give him the news but before she can tell him, Hakeem put Anika in the friend zone, and tells her he’s fallen for his new artist, Laura. Pregnancy hormones clearly have her buggin’ out as the final scene of the episode reveals Anikka disguised in a long blond wig as a Uber driver with Laura as her unsuspecting passenger. (A bow to “The Hand That Rocked the Cradle.”)

Empire - Freda Gatz vs. Hakeem

“I’m a bitch, I’m a dog, but a lion when I roar!” – Freda Gatz

Freda Gatz fires the first shots at Hakeem and declares war, vowing to take Hakeem’s last name. Hakeem bucks back on social media, promising to finish her. The battle ensues in a crowded arena, kitted out with a black bullseye on the floor, Funkmaster Flex as the MC and the names of Hakeem Lyon and Freda Gatz emblazoned in lights. Nasty jabs are delivered back and forth but at the end of it all, the battle was won by Hakeem, “no Lyon.”

“Put your shoe in my face again…” – Lucious

Jamaal could be the new face of Pepsi (a smart and seamless product integration, BTW) if he submits a song that will capture the brand’s essence within a week. Lucious offers his input but Jamaal sneaks off again to work with Cookie. Lyon Dynasty and Empire collide when Jamaal sets up an ambush studio session with his feuding parents as the surprise guests. Ultimately, Jamaal wins the Pepsi contract with a song submission that is a mesh of the best of both Cookie and Lucious’ tracks. Cookie and Lucious take a moment from sparring to cheer for their son in his big accomplishment but can’t resist a wager that could have Hakeem and Jamaal trading places.

Vivica A Fox Taraji P Henson

“What have you done, Luretha?” – Candice

Cookie gets rolled on at Leviticus by her bourgeoisie sister, Candice (Vivica A. Fox) who tells her their sister Carol is on a bend and has abandoned her children. Vivica delivers a fiery performance as Cookie’s most hated sister, swiping Cookie for her stint in jail and her low-class lifestyle. She calls Cookie out by the name her mama gave her – Luretha. Hopefully, Candice will hang around to expose a lot more about Luretha’s early upbringing and vulnerabilities.


Written by SOHH Squad


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