Hollywood actor Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels and others have been sued over their hit “Empire” television show by a man who claims he is the inspiration behind it.

According to reports, a man has gone after the entertainment industry honchos for allegedly stealing his concept.

Ron Newt, who describes himself as a “known ghetto player” claims he met with Terrence at the Four Seasons hotel a while back and they discussed Ron’s documentary, “Bigger than Big.” Ron says Terrence connected to it, and said he wanted to play him in the film. Fast forward to January, when “Empire” debuted to huge ratings. Ron says the similarities are more than suspicious. As for the “Empire” lawsuit … he wants a billion dollars. (TMZ)

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According to recent reports, “Empire” producer Brian Glazer recently hinted at the possibility of rap star Eminem possibly landing a role on the TV show

“Eminem, I know, loves our show. And I produced 8 Mile. I’m going to beg him to get on our show. He and Oprah Winfrey. Somehow I’m going to get one or both them on our show.” (“Good Morning America”)

Based on recent reports, the show’s finale scored a 6.5 rating among adults 18-49 and brought in 16.7 million viewers.

First of all, that’s a record for the TV ratings rule breaking series and up 71% and 69% respectively from the results of the show’s debut back on January 7. Secondly, compared to the series’ March 11 1-hour show that’s a 12% rise in both categories. It’s a 2% bop up from earlier demo numbers this morning and a 1% rise viewershipwise. While still behind the March 15 airing of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Empire has now solidly taken the lead among shows on the Big 4 among adults 18-49 this season. (Deadline)

Last month, “Empire” star Jussie Smollett talked to SOHH about what the show’s explosive first season.

“I feel like Season 1 was the set up and then Season 2 will be, okay, let’s go back and let’s clean up all of the Lyons’ stuff, if you will. I’m very happy. I’m very excited where Jamal, where his journey has taken him, from beginning to now, and where it’s going to end up going. I’m very excited.” (SOHH)