Is Fox’s hit “Empire” TV series real life or fiction?

Producer Lee Daniels appears to take “Empire” storylines from real life situations. SOHH’s giving you some real-life celebrity situations to ponder as we approach the explosive two-hour season finale Wednesday (March 18). Here’s one real-life vs. fiction storyline we’re simmering on… Hakeem Lyons vs. Usher Raymond.


In “Empire,” Cookie disapproves of her youngest son Hakeem dating the much older Camilla Marks. Camilla is also Hakeem’s stylist and is heavily invested in his career, demanding not only his attention but love. She goes from being a background puppetmaster to coming out publicly alongside Hakim as his main woman.


R&B star Usher married his own stylist, Tameka Foster, when he was 28 and she was 36. Jonetta Patton, Usher’s mother and former manager, disapproved of the union and did not attend her son’s wedding.

Is this just a pure coincidence or did “Empire” use Usher’s real-life situation for the role of Hakeem Lyon? wants to know what you think!

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