Renowned movie director Lee Daniels has come forward to speak out on G-Unit rapper 50 Cent publicly slamming his new “Empire” television show.

Instead of taking offense, Daniels suggested Fif singled out “Empire” just to spark some controversy.

“Oh 50, he didn’t even see the show,” Daniels replied when questioned about 50’s critiques of the promotional commercials. “I just talked to him two weeks ago and he said [he] was gonna come guest star. He’s just trying to start some mess.” (HHW)

Check out the spat between 50 Cent and Taraji P. Henson right here…

In response to 50 comparing their show to his “Power” series, “Empire” star Terrence Howard recently joked about sharing a big role in his 2005 movie, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

“Fifty is my monster man. We served jail time together in his film, you know, we’ve been naked together. I love the fact that we’re both pushing the envelope with our shows and what it says about cinema and television, how the change has occurred to where black men can be on opposing levels, because we’re both telling a similar story,” he went on. “So it’s kinda great. I’m proud of him – very proud of him.” (The Wrap)

“Empire” actress Taraji P. Henson answered a fan’s question about being singled out by 50 on Twitter a few days ago.

Fif initially relied on his Instagram page to take a few jabs at show stars Howard and Henson for the show marketing itself like his own executive-produced series.

Empire VS. Power LADIES what's up you be the judge. LMAO #SMSAUDIO #FRIGO #POWERTV

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50 also posted up a clip of his upcoming “Power” season two trailer.