Tonight’s “Empire” episode “Sweet Sorrow” gave you the good, bad and ugly of the top-rated Fox show from some big moves forward, some unnecessary steps backwards and a few ugly moments. After taking it all in, SOHH’s come up with 5 Huge Takeaways from Wednesday’s show!

1. Cookie’s Health Problem Revealed

The secret’s out – Cookie had a heart attack. It didn’t take tonight’s “Sweet Sorrow” to end the mystery – Fox pretty much revealed it in its previews leading up to the live broadcast. But one thing you have to really wonder is how much time and effort will each season dedicate to hospital scenes and issues? From Lucious having his stints in the hospital and rehab to Jamal getting shot and of course Andre needing medical help, it seems like there is some serious over-usage of hospital scenes/storylines that’s just a little ehhhhh. Cookie having a heart attack is at least believable considering how hard she goes episode in and episode out. But there is a very thin line between getting extra silly with these medical scenarios and coming up with stellar acting and strong emotions.

[2. Empire really just did some early foreshadowing of a big plot twist…]

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