The rap news cycle never ends. Today, online personality Jonny Fastlane focuses on a slew of topics including Eminem having a real-life Stan break into his crib and 50 Cent‘s new troll getting identified.

50 Troll

First, Jonny focuses on Eminem’s Stan moment at his crib. Then, he puts the attention on 50 Cent troll who has been identified Australian artist. Finally, JF puts his attention on Metro Boomin getting mixed into some gymnastics craziness.

Jonny Fastlane has a slew of juicy topics for you today

Troll Takeover

On Thursday, the G-Unit boss let loose some major steam on getting trolled across the Internet. The rap entertainer playfully ripped the mystery person behind his now trending troll-inspired murals.

“😠man look at this sh*t, TF is wrong with this guy he won’t stop 🤦‍♂️#bransoncognac#lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“🤔swifty cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this sh*t. 😤 smash or pass 😠#bransoncognac#lecheminduroi

Wait, There’s More

Last weekend, Fif shared some hilarious and savage content. The pic featured Fif trolled to become North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“👀oh sh*t, 50 Kim Jung Un 🤦‍♂️these people are crazy. #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent becomes Kim Jun Un in an Internet classic

Before You Go

Shortly after the initial post, Fif returned to his social media pages with must-see footage. The Queens native shared a clip of his jaw-dropping mural being created.

“👀Damn he made that sh*t look like it was easy, 🤔I want to meet this guy. #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram