[Big Naz wrote the book Shady Bizzess which describes his time as Eminem’s personal bodyguard. Last time he was on the "Murder Master Music Show,” he detailed various encounters with Suge Knight and Death Row, and the controversy shook up the Internet. He was recently back on the show making headlines once again all over the globe. Here are the top five gems from the Q&A.]

1. Big Naz Gives His Take On Eminem’s Donald Trump BET Hip Hop Awards Diss

It was dope but my question is did you and your people talk this over? It’s one thing when you go at an emcee but he is talking about going at an establishment, the Government, the President of the United States. Everything he said about Trump is true, he killed it, he nailed it! It was powerful but at the same time his bodyguard got his work cut out for him. Why is it when you have Black leaders, politicians and athletes that say the same thing that Eminem says they don’t get the notoriety?

2. Suge Knight Tried To Strong Arm Eminem To Sign To Death Row

The only real problem was the whole Death Row Suge Knight thing. That’s when it got real and that’s when I really started to earn my money. I got him outta harms way in a hurry with the whole Death Row click over there. To make a long story short they were trying to strong arm Eminem to come over to Death Row because they were struggling at that time.

3. Proof Battling 30 Emcees At The Playboy Mansion


RIP to Proof and to Hug Hefner! We had a party at the Playboy Mansion for an Eminem album release party. They had a battle rap and in the midst of this battle rap you got naked women walking around, exotic animals, and all kinds of shit going on. Proof did a battle and Paul Rosenberg got this thing on film, there was about 30 guys who lined up and Proof took’em all out! He is the one who taught Em how to freestyle and Em taught Proof how to write rhymes. I never seen anything like that. I seen him take people apart in Detroit but never nothing like this!

4. Naz Recalls Insane Clowne Posse Sending MMA Legend Tank Abbott After Eminem

We had a situation at LA where Tank Abbott who was cool with ICP was sent after us by ICP. They came to the hotel looking for us and everything. I had to keep him off the stage he tried to climb on stage during a show. A message was sent to us and a couple of guys had on ICP shirts. Nothing happened tho, we held it down!

5. Eminem Tried To Stop Shady Bizzness From Coming Out

They offered to buy it from me for 25 grand and somehow Eminem got 3 or 4 chapters of the book and the only person that could have got it to them was a publicist I had at the time. I ended up getting a call from a good friend of mine in New York who is an attorney and she said “Naz, Eminem has your book and they are sending a team to investigate you to dig up dirt to counter act what you put in the book” they wasn’t able to do anything so they offered me $25,000 for the book. and I told them absolutely not. I said you add a zero and we could talk and after those negotiations ceased and the book shot to #1 on Amazon and I did $25,000 the first day. I have had several movie offers which I turned down a few and I got dropped from a few part of the reason is because of who Eminem is. I own that part of my life. I even tried to reach out to them for the last 15 years. I had a potential 800 million dollar deal from a billionaire producer but part of the deal was they wanted to bring Eminem on board but Eminem wouldn’t do it. I tell people from now on that I am not interested in merging with these cats and they are not interested in merging with me. I found some people who might have some balls. That movie woulda been bigger than Straight Outta Compton

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