Eminem’s Daughter Shows Off Her Leg Game Modeling Fits

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Hailie Jade's 6 Ways To Wear A Blazer

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem's daughter is showing out. The hip-hop star's mini-me Hailie Jade has blessed social media with a look at how she pulls off rocking a fresh blazer.

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Eminem’s Daughter Shows Off

Hailie hit up her Instagram page with new footage of herself completely slaying. The clip shows off multiple ways Jade can pull off donning a blazer top.

“6 ways to wear a blazer… leggings, jeans, dress, sweats, shorts, skirt… did i miss anything?!”

Eminem’s daughter Jade shows off her blazer goals.

Eminem’s Daughter Looks Exactly Like B-Rabbit

Recently, Hailie hit up Instagram with some must-see shots. The pics featured her in the same style and gear as Slim Shady’s unforgettable 8 Mile B-Rabbit movie character rocked in the semi-fictional story of his pre-rap fame days.

“new week, new bucket hat 😋”

The pics even sparked a flurry of followers making 8 Mile references.

“I Need some mom’s spaghetti 🍝”

“Looking mad like young Em 🔥”

“Hailie acting like your pops I see u 💪”

Eminem’s daughter Hailie looks exactly like B-Rabbit.

Hailie Jade’s 25th Birthday

In December 2020, Miss Jade went to her Instagram page with some positive words. Despite acknowledging the difficulties of 2020 with notably the pandemic and national lockdowns, she vowed to make the next 365 days her best yet.

“25 on the 25th 🥂✨ ⁣ ⁣ even though this isn’t the “golden” birthday i originally would’ve planned, i know i will still make 25 my year regardless. I feel so blessed & lucky to be here and at this place in my life ⁣ ⁣ merry christmas & happy holidays everyone!! 🎄💗”

The Mighty Return

In November 2020, Hailie made a mighty return to Instagram. She also playfully blamed “2020” as a reason why she remained offline since spring.

“does the explanation “2020” work for everyone here?” -Hailie Jade’s Instagram

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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