Grammy-winning rapper Eminem’s teenage daughter Hailie Scott Mathers is catching some heat this week after reportedly taking a few swipes at country star Taylor Swift on Twitter.

According to reports, the viral attack stemmed from Swift’s alleged romance with pop singer Harry Styles.

Eminem’s daughter waged a war against Taylor Swift, accusing the country crooner of “whoring around” to make an album. A Twitter account supposedly run by the rapper’s 16-year-old daughter, Hailie Mathers, unleashed a string of anti-Swift rants late Tuesday. “Dear @taylorswift13, please stop whoring around with every guy you see,” user @hailiejade_x wrote. “We all know you’re only doing it so you can make another album.” Swift’s recent romance with One Direction singer Harry Styles appeared to be what triggered the attack. “If @taylorswift13 is really dating the love of my life Harry_Styles i will not be happy,” Mathers purportedly wrote. “I am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnn, @taylorswift13. LIKE EVER,” another post read. (New York Daily News)

Following some backlash, the Twitter posts and her page disappeared.

Rapper Eminem’s 16-year-old daughter Hailie Mathers loves the boy band One Direction, but isn’t very fond of Taylor Swift. Swift is rumored to be dating 1D frontman Harry Styles, and Mathers wasn’t happy to hear the news. See what was said on Twitter before the profile was deleted. (Houston Chronicle)

Despite the tweets and speculation, an Eminem representative stepped forward and denied Hailie made the comments.

Eminem’s 16-year-old daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, really slam Taylor Swift on Twitter? Not so fast. Despite reports circulating that Shady’s spawn went off on the country pop songbird by allegedly telling her to “please stop whoring around,” a rep for Eminem tells E! News the Twitter account from which the incendiary comment came is not hers. (E! Online)

Back in 2010, Eminem revealed he keeps his home profanity-free especially with his daughter around.

“Profanity around my house? No,” he tells Anderson Cooper in a 60 Minutes interview, airing Sunday. “I’m not saying there’s not glimpses of me in the music, [that] there’s not truth in … things that I say. But this is music, this is my art…” When he’s at home, the 38-year-old father-of-four (real name: Marshall Mathers) says: “I’m a parent. I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person … walking around my house [saying], ‘B*tch, pick this up,’ you know what I mean? … I don’t cuss.” (Us Magazine)