Grammy-winning rapper Eminem’s daughter has a new perspective on life. The hip-hop star’s mini-me Hailie Jade has dished on her state of mind during quarantine.

Hailie Jade Gets Deep About The Coronavirus Era

Jade went to her Instagram page last night to talk about Earth Day. She also discussed taking the time to appreciate the planet while people remain isolated to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“Happy earth day to this beautiful planet! ⁣This has been such a weird and hard time for everyone, but as life has become slower people have more time to reflect.. I know if life were it’s normal busy self today, i might not have stopped to recognize earth day for as long as I have & looked through as many pictures of this pretty planet as I did.” -Hailie Jade’s Instagram

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

Hailie also shared her thoughts about when quarantine is over. Jade said she would start realizing her surroundings once she travels again.

“My appreciation for so many things is growing during this time, and today i know that next time i travel i’ll be sure to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy being able to explore that much more.⁣ Stay safe, stay happy & stay healthy” -Hailie Jade’s Instagram

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Wait, There’s More

Recently, Hailie Jade went online to keep things 100 about quarantine. Jade talked about staying put and her own desire for the COVID-19 epidemic to end sooner than later.

“self-isolation day….7? i want to hang out with my friends as bad as lottie wants to go outside & i refuse to put on full outfits to take pictures⁣. but seriously it’s so important to stay safe and healthy & social distance/stay home right now! the sooner everyone is on board, the sooner we can stop the spread of this virus & get back to as normal as possible!”

Before You Go

A few months ago, Hailie flexed some major modeling goals and pushed for a positive approach to life.