Grammy-winning rapper Eminem is much more than a fan when it comes to boxing. The hip-hop superstar pulled through this week for a must-see sit-down with fighting icon Mike Tyson‘s popular “Hotboxin'” show.

Big Facts

During the Q&A, Em didn’t hold back on delivering tons of gems. After geeking out about how much he respects Iron Mike, Marshall Mathers talks about growing up and realizing how much he needed to learn about boxing.

“Coming up as a kid, I got my a** kicked a lot. I fought and I lost. I fought and I won. It was a point in time when I got in enough fights and was winning fights, I felt confident until I started learning some of the fundaments of boxing and realized I don’t know sh*t. I know nothing. … You f*ck somebody up and then feel bad later. You’d be nice to them after the fight. I hate you during this fight and then I don’t hate you anymore and I actually feel bad because you might die now.”

Will the real #MarshallMathers please sit down for a rare and revealing conversation on the set of his new music video #Godzilla ? Yes he will. Don’t miss #MikeTyson and #DrDre cameo in the new #Eminem video.

High-Key Details

On Wednesday, Em went online to announce the winner to his “Godzilla” challenge. Slim Shady also shared the winner’s must-see freestyle clip showing him flexing his love for Em with his entire album collection.

“‘Godzilla, fire spitter, monster’ Godzilla Challenge. @Triller winner squad on the site. Shout out to the homie jacksherlock1 on taking the #1 spot!”

Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, Em went to his social media pages to share his “Godzilla” music and lyric videos. Eminem also encouraged fans to join a viral challenge.

“Don’t nobody want it but they’re gonna get it anyway!” Godzilla lyric vid just hit the site”

Before You Go

Last month, Eminem released the initial freestyle clip. The video featured Em dropping hard bars in an arcade setting.