Grammy-winning rapper Eminem wants to make a difference. The hip-hop superstar has stepped up to announce his involvement in pushing for racial justice and ending inequality by observing Black Out Tuesday.

Eminem x Black Out Tuesday

Last night, the Shady Records boss broke the huge news to followers. Eminem announced his entire team would observe a blackout day tomorrow where they would not make any purchases in support of the struggles against equality.

#Repost@shadyrecords – We will be closed on Black Out Tuesday.  Join us in fighting for change. #TheShowMustBePaused #BlackLivesMatter #BlackOutTuesday” -Eminem’s Instagram

Eminem supports Blackout Day

The King of the South

Heading into Friday, rap star T.I. went online and told people to mark July 7 on their calendars to support Blackout Day. The King of the South said this day would ultimately allow people’s money hurt companies’ pockets and show it’s time for blacks to stop getting negatively targeted.

“Nobody spend SH*T on this day‼️IF you Give AF about the murders,lynchings,& oppression of people of color!!! #USorELSE✊🏽#BlackoutDay2020 #July7th” -T.I.’s Instagram

T.I. encourages support for Blackout Day

Wait, There’s More

Last Thursday, West Coast rapper Day Sulan shared the same concept. Day explained the importance of all people of color in America uniting to not spend money for one day to address blacks getting shot.

“Wake Up Ya’ll #BLACKOUTDAY2020 💯✊🏽✍🏽”

“But Real Sh*t Tho F*ck That. White People Too If Y’all Feel This Sh*t Y’all Needa Stand Wit Us Ain’t No Just Minorities The More The Better 💯  #BlackOut2020” -Day Sulan’s Instagram

Before You Go

A few days ago, rap star Meek Mill shared his personal connection to the fatal police brutality applied to black man George Floyd. MM explained how he went through his own physical abuse from law enforcement.

Mom my took this pic and filed it with internal affairs, nothing happened! I been a rebel since!!! #georgefloyd I got charges for breaking one of the cops hands also like he didn’t break his hand on my face! – Meek Mill’s Instagram

Meek Mill shows a picture of him after encountering police brutality when he was younger

“Its 2020 don’t even bring up a protest!!!!!! Now they killing us on camera it’s no excuses left!” -Meek Mill’s Instagram