Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has much more than a dope Venom soundtrack song in his stash. Slim Shady has blessed fans with an unexpected new album called Kamikaze.

Marshall Mathers went to his social media channels at midnight to announce his 13-track audio gem.

Em’s latest studio release since last year’s Revival features executive production from his longtime mentor Dr. Dre.

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On Thursday, Em hinted at having new music on deck from the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe release Venom.

Earlier this summer, Em revealed why he never gives 100 percent during live show performances.

“I’m here in Delaware right now with my friend Paul Rosenberg and we’re discussing tonight how hard I should go on stage and I came up with the number 99 percent because I feel like that’s a realistic, achievable goal to reach. Plus, if you give it 99 percent, you have something to build off of because if you come out and give it 100 percent, right off the bat, where do you go from there? You kind of f*ck yourself. And I got some new shoes. So, 99 percent is definitely, Delaware, I’m gonna give you at least 99 percent tonight.”

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