Grammy-winning rapper Eminem is more than influenced by Parkland high school shooting survivor Alex Moscou. The self-proclaimed “Rap God” went to social media this week to salute the teenager following last night’s iHeartRadio Awards show.

Slim Shady went to Instagram Monday (March 12) with a quote from Alex presumably aimed at people opposed to gun control.

At last night’s awards ceremony, Moscou used the platform to speak out on the war between politicians and guns.

Alex Moscou was introduced by the rapper Big Sean, who described the student as “a lacrosse goalie, member of the drama club and a sophomore who survived the attack by a gunman.” “We are tired of hearing politicians send their thoughts and prayers to us and doing nothing to make the necessary changes to prevent this tragedy from happening again,” Alex said. “School is a place where we should feel safe and if those elected to represent us won’t do what’s right to keep us safe then we’re going to be too loud for them to ignore.”

During his performance, Eminem took direct aim at the NRA with some revamped “Nowhere Fast” lyrics.

For the performance, Eminem also added a gun violence-themed intro to the song, rapping, “Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons/ They love their guns more than our children.” (Billboard)

Last month, rap rookie Cardi B ethered President Donald Trump‘s support for teachers having guns in their classrooms.