Grammy-winning rapper Eminem won’t give you 100 percent during his live performance but he’s down to get pretty close. Slim Shady has shared just how much effort and energy he puts into his shows.

This past weekend, Em went to Instagram to discuss why he’ll aways opt to go 99% instead of pushing it full throttle at his concerts.

“I’m here in Delaware right now with my friend Paul Rosenberg and we’re discussing tonight how hard I should go on stage and I came up with the number 99 percent because I feel like that’s a realistic, achievable goal to reach. Plus, if you give it 99 percent, you have something to build off of because if you come out and give it 100 percent, right off the bat, where do you go from there? You kind of f*ck yourself. And I got some new shoes. So, 99 percent is definitely, Delaware, I’m gonna give you at least 99 percent tonight.”

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Over the weekend, Em pulled through to perform at the annual Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware.

Earlier this month, Em’s manager Paul Rosenberg addressed reports about Slim Shady using gunshot sound effects during his Bonnaroo music festival performance.

Recently, reports surfaced about Em possibly using gunshot sounds during his set.

Shortly after starting his headlining set on the What Stage, three separate blasts rang out during his performance sparking debate on social media over whether such sound effects are appropriate in the context of recent mass shootings. (USA Today)

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