Grammy-winning rapper Marshall Mathers is helping fans memorize his bars. Today, Eminem releases his “Godzilla” lyric video to the masses.

Big Facts

On Wednesday, MM went to his social media pages to share the lyric-exposing clip. Eminem also encouraged fans to join his “Godzilla” challenge.

“Don’t nobody want it but they’re gonna get it anyway!” Godzilla lyric vid just hit the site”

High-Key Details

Last week, Eminem released the initial freestyle clip. The video featured Em dropping hard bars in an arcade setting.

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Em asked Slim Shady fans for a huge favor. The rap heavyweight encouraged followers to help push his “Rap God” video to a billion YouTube views.

Before You Go

Days prior, Em sparked massive sales after performing his unforgettable “Lose Yourself” anthem at the Academy Awards ceremony.