Grammy-winning rapper Eminem is always putting out new music. The hip-hop star went online this week to plug his new Jessie Reyez “Coffin” collaboration.

Big Facts

Marshall Mathers relied on his social media pages to get fans up on his latest collaboration. Slim Shady revealed the duet is fresh off Jessie’s Before Love Came To Kill Us album.

“Me and @jessiereyez just keep offing each other… dammit! Check out our new duet “Coffin” on her new album out now! Love is in the air! Link in bio”

High-Key Details

Reyes gets extra deep with her wordplay. On the record, she sings about putting her entire life into her love interest.

“We fought until the sun rose/And I still ain’t been to bed (bed, bed)/And while you got your eyes closed/The devil wakes up in my (head, head)/He told me that you hate me/And you blame me/And you said that you wish that you were dead/So I write a little note out/Suicidal love roulette” (“Coffin”)

Wait, There’s More

Em delivers hard-hitting lyrics with his verse. The self-proclaimed rap god pledges endless love and talks about how much he’s down to ride or die.

“Almost had a child with you/Would’ve settled down with you/Now put you in the ground and bury myself with you/I don’t get you, it’s as if you’re drowning/I stick my hand out, but you fool me/You’re just trying to pull me down with you (down with you)/Thought it was you my world revolve around (’round)” (“Coffin”)

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5 days. What unreleased song are u most excited for?

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Before You Go

Over the past couple of years, Em and Reyez have built a close-knit music bond. The duo have collaborated multiple times for Em’s Kamikaze album.

It’s the third time Em and Reyez have collaborated, following “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy,” which were on Em’s 2018 Kamikaze album. And in keeping with Marshall’s love-you-to-death fetish, his verse is full of amore, hate and everything in between. (Billboard)