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“Eminem Is Arguably One Of The Most Successful Artists In The Whole F*cking World”

Written By S. Samuel

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Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I recently gave props to Grammy-winning rapper Eminem for signing his crew to Shady Records and pointed out just how big of a hip-hop move Marshall Mathers made.

Crooked acknowledged Em’s immense fame and his involvement in getting their Welcome to: Our House sophomore album into retail stores.

“Eminem is arguably one of the most successful artists in the whole f*cking world,” Crooked I says. “And he signed Slaughterhouse. You can’t get much more successful than being signed to that guy. Wherever the project goes, that’s where it goes. Hopefully people will feel the music. I know we put our best foot forward.” While members of the group tease focus on solo careers post-album release, the quartet stays unified-but is willing to cut loose along the way. “As soon as the album comes out, you can find me at the local strip club, hanging off of the Hollywood sign,” Crooked I says. “We’ll probably do some shows, go out there and have fun with the fans. No doubt.” (Billboard)

Earlier this year, Crooked shined some light on Slim Shady’s production skills.

Crooked I, in particular, is excited to see Eminem behind the boards; he feels the MC has not gotten his proper due as a producer. “He doesn’t get his credit and his props for songs he’s been involved with and songs that he’s produced entirely,” the rapper says. “If I’m in a barbershop debating who’s the best producer-slash-rapper, nobody says Eminem. To me, it’s almost like a robbery.” (Rolling Stone)

Recently, Em joked about putting together Slaughterhouse’s long-awaited LP.

“I’m actually finishing up one of the last songs for it, right now,” Em said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “Today, as we speak. Yo, turn the snare up a little bit. Bring that kick down. [I’m mixing now during this interview?] Yeah. That’s why I’m not paying attention. It’s just me, man. Yeah. I rap their verses for them and then I present it to them like, ‘Yo, here’s how you guys should say this and here’s what you should say.’ It’s pretty much how we do it. [Who’s the most annoying?] Royce [Da 5’9] by far. [Physical confrontations?] Nah, we don’t have to go that far. We just know we have a mutual dislike for each other. And then we just leave it at that. The bad feeling’s mutual. We don’t like each other so we don’t get upset with what each other says or anything like that because we just don’t care.” (Shade 45)

The rap crew’s latest album features collaborations from Em, Busta Rhymes and more music heavyweights.

As for features, the album has relatively few which is understandable as four emcees on one track is hard enough and squeezing a feature on the track isn’t exactly a good idea without defeating the purpose of the song. However, Skylar Grey, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beats, Eminem and Cee-Lo Green all make their contributions to certain tracks. There have been five singles released from this album namely Hammer Dance, My Life featuring Cee-Lo Green, Throw It Away featuring Swizz Beats, GoodBye and the latest offering Throw that featuring Eminem. (Hip Hop Dons)

Check out some recent Crooked I footage below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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