Grammy-winning rapper Eminem had the entire 2010’s on lock. The hip-hop superstar reportedly had the most album sales of the past decade in the United States.

Big Facts: According to reports, Slim Shady’s discography pushed out over 13 million copies in 10 years.

On A Related Note: In October 2019, rap veteran Fat Joe called his move of not signing Eminem in the 90’s his biggest career mistake.

Wait, There’s More: In a recent interview, Joe admitted he had chances to sign artists like Eminem, Rick Ross and Pitbull before they blew up.

“What happened was out here, in Miami, he gave me his demo like six different times. Everywhere I went, there was this little white boy and he kept giving me his demo – and I never really, I didn’t do it. And now he’s the biggest guy in the universe. Similar thing happened with me and Rick Ross.” (99 Jamz)

Before You Go: Last year, Em and Fat Joe collaborated on their “Lord Above” anthem.