With Pharoahe Monch and producer Apollo Brown recently naming eLZhi SOHH Underrated due to his overwhelming lyrical dexterity, SOHH hit up the Detroit rhyme spitter to get his reaction to the accolade.

Admitting the co-sign came as a shocker, eL expressed his gratitude and respect toward Monch’s emcee capabilities.

“Ah man, big shout-out to Pharoahe, man,” eL told SOHH when informed of being recently named SOHH Underrated by Monch. “I’ve had the opportunity to perform alongside of Pharoahe overseas, so that was definitely a good look. I appreciate Pharoahe. I’ve been listening to Pharoahe since the Organized Konfusion days. I mean, for him to acknowledge what I do, it’s just a blessing because I really look to him at being a legendary veteran in the game, so that’s what’s up.” (SOHH)

Last March, Monch said eL’s rhymes have the ability to render fans speechless.

“Elzhi [formerly of] Slum Village, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated rappers out. I don’t know what it is exactly about him. It’s hard to really explain it. I think people who hear him automatically are like, “God d*mn this motherf*cker is nice!” But it’s the same thing with me, I just want more people to recognize how good he is. That’s something important.” (SOHH Underrated)

Earlier this week, Detroit producer Apollo Brown also gave eL the SOHH Underrated crown.

“My pick for SOHH Underrated is eLZhi. eLZhi [formerly of] Slum Village is who I’m going to go with. He should be a millionaire by now. eLZhi is one of the top three greatest rappers of all time to me. That dude can put together words and wordplay that no other can do. His lyrics and what he’s saying on tracks is so ridiculous. I just don’t think people are recognizing.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Outside of co-signs, eL recently discussed his motivation for remaking Nas‘ 1994 classic album, Illmatic.

“The main reason why I decided to put together this project is because there’s been people online that’s known about the elmaticfor three years. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, after all these years and them still asking for the elmatic, I don’t know if I would have really put it out there like that. That’s one reason I’m putting it out there for free, for everybody that’s been waiting on it. The second big reason is because it’s a tribute. It’s a tribute to one of the illest albums, in my opinion, that’s ever touched hip-hop. It’s my love letter to Illmatic and it’s me just showing love and showing the youth that may not have heard of Illmatic to go out and check it out.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out eLZhi’s “Halftime” music video below: