[With hip-hop heads laying down the red carpet for rap veteran Elzhi following his “Cosign” comeback single, the Detroit native talks to SOHH about the warm reception.]

It feels great, it feels like I’m standing on my own two feet. It just feels good to be appreciated and know that people really want the music.

People could not give a f*ck about the music and for them to talk about it, in any kind of way, good or bad, I accept it all.

It’s striking some kind of nerve. But the response to the record, overall, has been great.

I can’t wait for people [to hear my upcoming Lead Poison album]. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have so much stuff going on in this record and for people to receive that record the way they did, with open arms, I can’t wait for them to hear the entire project.

Elzhi’s Lead Poison album is slated to arrive March 2016.

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