Slum Village‘s Elzhi has come forward to address his role in the rap crew and reveal what severed his relationship with fellow member T3.

Elzhi believes his disassociation from the group began when he sought new management.

“Am I in Slum Village or am I not? As far as what’s going on…As far as, like, me not having any say so to any treatments to videos being shot, or me not going to do the interviews to promote this new Slum Village album, or [Barack Records and T3] not contacting me or my management, and…as you can see in the ‘Reunion 2’ video, I would say I wasn’t in the group,” El said in an interview. “And at the same time, them taking me off records, so now I’m on a minimal amount a records for the [Villa Manifesto] album, I would say I wasn’t in the group…Basically, I got new management and what happened was it was a shock to the label, even Slum’s manager [Tim Maynor]. They just couldn’t take the fact that I had new management, and just from that as far as I could tell, they overreacted and it got to the point where we was all on a conference call and my new management asked to see the paper work and the contract from E1 and RJ Rice ain’t wanna show us.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this week, T3 talked about their new album Villa Manifesto being the final Slum Village project.

“Well, number one, I did put out a statement that [Villa Manifesto] will be Slum Village’s last album. I did that personally and the only reason why I put out that statement is because I am unsure if there is going to be another Slum Village album or not. It’s not because of any beefs or anything, it’s just the fact that the way this album is put together with me, [J] Dilla, Baatin and eLZhi and featuring Illa J on there, I really don’t know where to take it from there…it’s kind of up in the air right now whether we’ll do another album or not because half of the group is not here anymore. They’re only here in the spiritual form. I don’t know what to do from there. Mostly, that’s the biggest drawback.” (Hip Hop DX)

Initial speculation on internal conflict began to develop after Elzhi made a few Twitter remarks in late June.

“Not sure what’s going on….I hope Slum Village’s label and T3’s manager respect what I do for SV. Either way I appreciate yall support,” he wrote Tuesday (June 29). (eLZhi’s Twitter)

SV has been making music together for more than a decade.

Growing up in the Conant Garden neighborhood of Detroit and forming during high school at Detroit’s Pershing High School, MCs Baatin, Jay Dee, and T3 quickly garnered praise and recognition in the local underground scene. In the mid-’90s, Jay Dee became part of the hip-hop elite as a member of the Ummah, the production team responsible for multiple hits by Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, D’Angelo, the Pharcyde, De La Soul and Common, as well as remixes for Janet Jackson and Brand New Heavies. (All Music)

Check out some recent Slum Village footage down below: