[With the highly-anticipated N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton” finally in theaters this weekend, late group leader Eazy-E’s daughter, E.B. Wright, talks to SOHH about the importance of supporting this must-watch flick.]

We were filming it about a year ago and I spent some time on the set, just getting to know Jason Mitchell, who portrays my dad and he really just did a phenomenal job.

I couldn’t be more proud and I don’t think there was anyone that could have played my dad better. The overall film is really good.

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube and F. Gary Gary, director, they did a really good job. They were really sensitive with the whole story since my dad isn’t alive.

His own personal part of the story, they had to sort of build around that so I’m just proud of it.

There’s a lot that I feel was left out of his personal storyline but this movie was about N.W.A. as a collective and their brotherhood and how they started and everything they went through.

Overall, it’s amazing.

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