[Greg Mack is a legendary West Coast DJ who is known for breaking many classic artists and records including Eazy-E’s Boyz-N-The Hood which took Eazy-E, N.W.A., and Ruthless Records to a different level of the game that eventually helped propel the artist, group, and label to high levels of success. Check out the Top 5 moments from his "Murder Master Music Show” interview below!]

Eazy-E Gave Greg Mack $10,000 To Ease Pain Of Divorce:

Eazy was somebody that I would really call a friend. I could name you 500 people that would honestly say that Eazy-E was a friend. I remember when I was going through a divorce and Eazy comes over and laughs at me. I’m sitting there crying and Eazy says “Man, what the f*ck are you doing crying over a b*tch!” So me and him and a couple girls went out and partied and I think he gave me like $10,000 and he said “Man, I want you to take this and get your mind off that sh*t!” and that’s the kind of guy he was.

Eazy-E Was Gonna Be The First Rapper To Own A Radio Station:

Eazy was gonna be the first rapper to buy a radio station and we were working on that. We set up the company, and he was waiting to put out Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. We were getting ready to buy a radio station in Phoenix Arizona.

First Impression Of 2Pac:

I remember him coming to K-Day and I was interviewing Digital Underground and I remember him being there. I remember him being very inquisitive. He would ask how things worked in the studio and I loved his being curious about certain things.

Last Time Seeing 2Pac I Was Concerned:

We saw each other 4, or 5 times throughout his lifetime and we always had a good relationship. I was concerned the last time that we saw each other, this was about 2 or 3 months before he died. He wasn’t that same innocent cool guy. He didn’t look afraid at all. The last time I saw him I was walking into a convenient store and he pulled up in a Jaguar and Tupac gave me the meanest look, and his security guard was like “That’s Greg Mack”, and he loosened up a bit and we chatted for just a moment, but I never seen him look like that because he was always like this curious kid, but he was overly tough almost like he had something to prove.

Unreleased Dr. Dre Produced Christmas SOng:

There is some stuff that we did that was never released like a Christmas song that we did together. Dr. Dre produced it and Cli-N-Tel, DJ Yella and everybody went in on it. This was very early and we did it in Lonzo’s garage on a little 8 track, it was something that was not very good, something that I played on my radio show. That’s why I’m not surprised that it never seen the light of day

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