Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt recently discussed the highly-anticipated release of his new Doris album and why the project hitting store shelves will help get his personal life back intact.

Sweatshirt said the LP finally coming out will take the attention off of his family and solely spark music conversations once again.

“I just want it to be out so there can be conversation about sh– other [than my life],” Earl told MTV News. “So there can be music conversation as opposed to life conversation, which has been going since I’ve been home. … Most of the sh– that I get, and that I’ve gotten in my entire career, has been based on sh– that’s going on in my life and not music stuff. So when the album comes out, it’ll give everyone 15 songs to talk about.” (MTV)

Back in April, Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator said he believed Earl’s mother probably thinks he is a negative influence on the 19-year-old.

“I don’t know what it is. It can’t be because she thinks he’s drinking or doing drugs or anything because I never had a sip of alcohol in my life and I don’t smoke or do anything so you can’t blame me for that, For some reason she thinks I’m a bad influence on her kid, but he’s doing pretty good now. I totally do not understand it.” (CRWN)

Prior to returning to the group last year, Sweatshirt reportedly was forced to attend a boarding school by his parents.

The leader of the group is a 19 year-old named Tyler, or Tyler The Creator. The second-most prominent of the group is a rapper named Hodgy Beats. The rest of the group splinter off into sub-groups. The youngest member is Earl Sweatshirt, who was recently sent away to boarding school by his parents. (Esquire)

Initially slated for release this month, Doris is expected to drop in August.

“DORIS AUG 20th pic.twitter.com/Uu853qpkcR,” Sweat tweeted referring to his album’s release date on July 12. (Earl Sweatshirt’s Twitter)

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