West Coast rapper Earl Sweatshirt has provided fans with an update on his status with estranged hip-hop group Odd Future.

In a new interview this week, Sweatshirt admitted his focus is on solo ventures rather than keeping the OF flag waving.

“Right now, I’m really trying to set my own two feet down as me,” he says. “The OF thing follows you – it’s viral – even though not one thing I’ve done in the past couple years has been focused on OF.” Are they like a family you love but want to escape? “Yeah,” he says, wearily. “It’s my teenage boy club that got famous that I’m trying to not be defined by.” (The Guardian)

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Group leader Tyler, the Creator sparked an Odd Future debate with a Twitter post about his crew ending in May.


Earl Sweatshirt also came forward to speak out.


Tyler clarified his initial Twitter post a day later.