Summertime is around the corner and whether you’re hitting the road or trying to come up with creative ideas for a stay-cation, Goliath Sports has come through with the ultimate must-have for anyone looking to have fun – the E-Z Grip Flag Football.

Check out the top five reasons you should grab this right now!

1 – Summertime Goals

The summer is coming whether you’re ready or not – hot weather, bad air conditioning and all the motivation needed to go outdoors makes the E-Z Grip Flag Football and E-Z decision. Flag football is one of the best ways to stay on your feet, work up your cardio and also keep your distance when playing with family and friends. Get out of your house and see if you can finally beat pops in a quick game with your uncle and cousins.

2 – Beach Ready

One of the best places to head this summer is the beach and E-Z Grip Flag Football is prepared. Whether it’s extra sandy or huge waves coming up on the shore, the football is ready for any challenge you have with family and friends. Practice your inner Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady with some insane passes and see just how good you are on your feet with your friends trying to strip away the flag. 

3 – Flag Placement

The worst part about doing flag football back in school was dealing with having to wear those flag belts and hoping the stayed in place. E-Z Grip Flag Football makes life even easier by just having the flag attached to the football – genius idea since the only person you’re going after is the one with the football. 

4 – Amazing Surface

The fourth reason this is a must-have is because of the surface. It’s extremely easy and comfortable to throw and catch. If you can catch a pillow coming your way, then you’ll easily be able to handle this comfy football. 

5 – No More Injuries

While it’s still possible depending on who you’re playing with, the possibility of injuries and sprains severely decreases thanks to flag football. What makes this even better is it’s for ages 7 and up meaning your little brother and sister can finally join in on some of the fun. Step away from your phone and enjoy some super easy exercise. 

The E-Z Grip Flag Football is now available for purchase!