West Coast rap legend E-40 had Nipsey Hussle‘s respect. The hip-hop veteran went to social media this week to reflect on how the late 33-year-old viewed his legacy.

40 jumped on Instagram last night with a screenshot from 2018 showing Nips’ co-sign.

Recently, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty remembered Nipsey defending himself and other rap newcomers.

This week, West Coast rapper Game penned an emotional message about Nipsey’s own legacy.

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Live to inspire. Understand that the future will be in the care of our youth. Look at the exchange of energy between Nip & this child. It’s like the baby knew he was in the presence of a KING. And nip was just exuding the true nature of his pure heart. What seems simple can sometimes shift & re-shape the world. As adults it’s our responsibility to give them as much love, education & nourishment as we possibly can. We can’t base it on our own childhoods because some of us didn’t have the best experiences when we were younger but if you made it to this point, you are a jewel no matter the conditions in which you woke. All it takes to succeed in life is to be blessed to see the day… Appreciate the gift of life & conquer the day. Sometimes it takes work, dedication & can be time consuming but if you start now, tomorrow you will be one day closer to achieving your dreams. Nothing on earth is unattainable & there is no height we cannot reach. Let my life be a testament of possibility as most know I too come from a humbled beginning as most of us do, but that is what gives us our strength & makes us who we are. The imperfect perfection. We are all God’s gift to the earth….. even the ones that are fueled by negativity & hate. It’s not too late for them either. Today is a day of appreciation. No it’s not a holiday but it should be as everyday we are blessed to see it…. For life itself should be ones greatest joy & never taken for granted. Every moment a child is born, a seed of new hope is planted into the universe that will one day grow & contribute to our existence. We were also those seeds…… understand the beauty in who we are & continue to grow no matter your current situation. I love & believe in you….. look yourself in the mirror & recognize that you are pure GOLD, then go get it !!! #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway

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