Months after losing his brother Ensayne Wayne to gun violence in Atlanta, hip-hop producer Drumma Boy talks to SOHH about dealing with the passing and pouring his heart into the newly released “Live On” tribute video.

1. Who – do you really want to make sure sees your “Live On” tribute video? Is it more about family members seeing it, the fans, anyone who has lost someone?

I made this song and video for my own self-healing to be honest. So many people been distant not knowing what to say or how I would handle this situation and respond. This was the first time all of his kids and grandchildren were together all in one room, so it was special and important for the family it was done. The relationships that came together due to “the celebration of Wayne’s life” as my mom labeled his funeral, have been simply a miracle in itself, and I know my brother is smiling down on my efforts to carry his name and legacy forever.

2. What – will it take for gun violence to finally end in the United States?

Spreading more love and sharing more love I feel is the only answer. So many people who just don’t know what it feels like to be loved, or to have a big brother or someone to look up to positively.

3. Where – did you actually shoot the “Live On” video at?

I shot this video in my mom’s house, at my brothers actual gravesite, and downtown Memphis at the basketball courts on the bluff of the city by the Mississippi river.

4. When – did you know you had to put together this music video in your brother’s memory?

So as I made the song I knew I had to drop something this year for him period – with all his kids in it to show something they can look back on and take care of each other as they carry his legacy.

5. Why – is this record more than a tribute anthem?

The record is his legacy, and so many people have DM’d me or commented how this song helps them cope with losing a loved one or someone close. I just want to touch anyone with this record or help someone make it through hard times and continue to be a blessing to as many people as possible.

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