[With the BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 ceremony right around the corner, heavyweight producer Drumma Boy talks to SOHH readers about teaming with MP3Waxx.com to host a special deejays and producers private luncheon.]

I’ve already had a campaign of ‘Appreciate The DJ’. I don’t know if you’ve seen the shirts. You can just Google ‘Appreciate The DJ’ – Drumma Boy and you’ll see my campaign. Now why would I do that? And to answer that question first – that’s who put me on.

That’s how I got on. Those are the guys who are breakin’ the artists. So if they’re breakin’ the artists and you’re producing’ the records, then guess what? They’re breakin’ you!

So why would you not appreciate the hand that’s feeding you? I don’t understand that.   A man of hip hop. A man of music theory. My background comes from appreciation. My first class of appreciation is music. Anything that you do, anything that you learn how to study, you have to learn how to appreciate it. DJ’s are the ones that spin the records.

They’re the ones that break the records. They’re the ones that take chances and have given us producers new sounds, new artists, the artist an opportunity to be heard and then they run it back and run it back and make a movie with it and then they hit the alarms *makes alarm noise* so it’s only right that we put together an event with my man MP3Waxx.

He had a vision. I had a vision with my sparkling wine with my wine morenobhlv.com . I was like “I wanna do wine tasting” and he was like, “Yo. I wanna put the producers and the DJ’s together” and I was like “Oh snap! I got the perfect place to do it”. Great minds think alike. We end up already doing the same thing. MP3Waxx come together MorenoBHLV come together. Drumsquad DJ’s come together and we honor these guys who help put us in position. It’s only right.”

It’s almost like a family reunion of tastemakers. It’s a family reunion of trendsetters. It’s like DJ Scream has broken so many records and he’s hired so many great producers as well as the DJ holiday’s and we’re even gonna have the young generation coming through such as the DJ Baby Chino’s and even the old school guys. We’ve got a couple honorees. It’s just an honor and a privilege being able to put together events like this. I remember being a young dude and attending these types of events and tryna get my ass in so I can meet DJ’s and give them my cd’s. So I know the producers who’re comin’ up now are gonna appreciate this and be able to do the same things we were doing then. There’s gonna be many things to expect.

How many men do you want in black suits? For all of the ladies who aint never seen a guy in a suit, this is where the ladies dress up. This is where the men dress up. This where we get appreciated. This is where we honor some of our fellow students in the game and we take it to the next level. There’s gonna be ice sculptures man. We got Moreno BHVL. It’s a real classy, tastemaker, trendsetter event type event. It’s a lifestyle.” —as told to Ayara Pommells

Invite-Only Private Day Honors Luncheon on September 20, 2014 at Vibes Lounge

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