Drumma Boy Defends Young Jeezy’s ‘TM103’ Hiatus, “It’s Hard To Just Work On Music”

Written By S. Samuel

After Def Jam's Young Jeezy recently came clean about having a hard time focusing on his long-awaited Thug Motivation 103 album, SOHH reached out to contributing producer Drumma Boy to get his take on the Snowman's frequent pushbacks.

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Speaking on their relationship, Drumma said he maintains a very close bond to Jeezy.

“I’m extremely therapeutic to everybody I work with,” Drumma Boy told SOHH. “So it’s not like I”m just selling beats or passing off beats for ‘this’ person to rap on and ‘this’ person to rap on. I might just have a conversation with you that changes your life or I might tell Jeezy one or two things that he could do to flip around. It’s things like that, that can really help the moves that he makes. We look out for each other like that. It’s more of a therapeutic situation, making sure he gets what he needs. I did a record with him and Travis Barker. We got a special guest on the features, so stay tuned to that. I mean, Jeezy is a, when I speak on consistent grind, he has to be probably the leader in that category as far as consistency and how many records he’s doing and how much he’s doing with the clothing line and how much he’s doing on tour, overseas, with the kids and charity events.” (SOHH)

Drumma also vouched for Jeezy, saying his numerous outside commitments have forced TM103‘s delays.

“You gotta understand, when you’re dealing with all of these different businesses and companies, it’s hard to just work on music,” Drumma Boy added. “It’s hard to work on just only music. So with that being said, TM103 on the way. It’s finally gonna drop. The ‘Lose My Mind’ record is Grammy-nominated and we didn’t even put out the project yet. It’s a single-driven game and dude just wants to make sure he gives his fans 100 percent and the best that he can give them. I mean, you can only respect that. Yeahhhhhh boyyyy.” (SOHH)

Last week, Jeezy explained his difficulty trying to remain focused on the LP.

“It took a long time to get the direction I was going, but when I got in the zone everything locked up,” Jeezy explained. “I had to go back and recollect because it got to a point where I was so far away from what I know and what was helping me articulate my music. I’m on tour with [Lil] Wayne, so that’s that rapstar superstar life–and I love it by the way–but then I had to go back home just to see what was really real, so I could take that from the streets and spread the word.” (Hot 97)

In May, Def Jam Records denied reports claiming an official TM103 release date had been announced.

Last week, there were reports that the release of Jeezy’sproject, too, was imminent. However, a rep for Def Jam has confirmed to XXL that no such date has been set. When reached for comment, a rep for Def Jam responded, “We do not have a date for Jeezy yet.” (XXL Mag)

A TM103 release date has not yet been announced.

Check out some recent Young Jeezy footage below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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