OVO Sound leader Drake has plenty to brag about with the successful rollout of his new Views album.

After less than a month, Drake’s newest audio gem has hit over 500 million streams.

In its latest week, “Views” had only 83,000 sales, but songs from it racked up 186 million streams, according to Nielsen. Since the album came out, the songs have been streamed 572 million times in the United States; in each of the three weeks that “Views” has been out, it has had higher streaming numbers than any album has ever had. (New York Times)

Recently, Cash Money boss Birdman discussed Drake’s chart-topping album and his growth in the music biz.

“You know I’m listening to the Drake album [Views]. A lot of our music. I also like that 50 Cent record , “I’m the Man.” I play that a lot, that’s one of my favorites,” Birdman said in an interview. “Just watching [Drake] grow that has been exciting, from day one till now and with his whole career. On the music side, just watching him grow. That was one thing we always talked about. We got to see how it goes, but to see the growth, it seemed like magic, the way it has happened. It’s happened right in front of your eyes. I’m just blessed to be a part of it.” (RESPECT)

The music veteran also recently placed Drake’s studio album atop all of its competition this year.

“I think Drake got the album of the year. In 3 hours, he did like 400,000,” Baby said. “He’s something special. Hip-hop has to keep going. We need this.” (Hot 97)

Earlier this month, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant reacted to Drake name-dropping him on Views‘ “Weston Road Flows.”

“It’s a good, nice song. Much more than my name drop but it’s a good song,” Durant said during a media interview. “It kind of surprised me. When your favorite rapper puts your name in a song, it makes you feel like you made it.”