Drake’s Los Angeles Home Burglarized

Written By Chris Samuel

The Not So Smooth Criminal

Drake had another breaking-and-entering incident at his Los Angeles home. An unidentified man attempted to burglarize his mansion but was stopped by cops shortly after. Drake was not home at the time.

Drake Burglarized
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Intruder Alert!

A man broke into rap superstar Drake’s Los Angeles mansion and alerted his security. Law enforcement responded Thursday night to Drake’s home after seeing a man leave the house with an item in his hand, according to TMZ.

All Too Common

The suspect had already fled the scene when the cops arrived, and a neighborhood search started. The man was arrested after matching the description of a white male while walking down a street.

Drake was not home at the time. 

Drake’s home was also burglarized last July, where the burglar claimed Drake was “his father.” 
Rappers who also experienced a burglary were Houston rapper Megan thee Stallion last October and rap legend Nas’ California home was robbed while celebrating the release of his album, Kings Disease 3.

F*ck Around & Find Out

No motive has been released from the man who broke into Drake’s home and remains in police custody.

Last April, Charlotte rapper DaBaby had a run-in with a home intruder at his North Carolina home, where he shot the man in the leg and later called 911 to report an attempted robbery.

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Written by Chris Samuel

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