OVO Sound boss Drake knows money isn’t a thing these days. The hip-hop superstar is reportedly digging deep into his pockets to take care of some serious California dream home renovations.

According to reports, the 6 God started remodeling his Hidden Hills mansion last March and the costs are easily over $300,000.

As for the work he’s putting into the place, here are some highlights:

— Remodel of the 1,695 sq ft master bedroom, plus adding 98 more ft.
— Addition to the maid’s room and the deck that sits above it
— New roofs on all structures, new stucco siding
— 68 new windows(!!)

Some other notables include putting in all new doors, remodeling the kitchen and master bath, and adding a spa. The permits value the total job at $342,752 … but Drake’s likely to pay much more than that when it’s all said and done. (TMZ)

This past weekend, Drake’s Scary Hours EP received huge co-signs from various sports stars.

Opinions over statistics of course….

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Prior to the Scary Hours project coming out, NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. shared some of his fave lyrics.

“Smile up in my face but like a plastic bag I see thru u…”

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“Iffffy uhhhh blickyy got the stifffy uhh…”

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“Don’t pull up at 6am to cuddle wit mee…”

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