OVO Sound boss Drake isn’t new to getting accused of fathering babies. The hip-hop star has reportedly dealt with paternity nightmares over the years.

According to reports, women have hit up Drizzy with huge life-changing claims.

Drake has been hit with numerous claims of paternity and there has never been a “credible claim” until now, but the baby’s looks raise doubts … sources connected to Drake tell TMZ. Our sources say a bunch of women over the years have made such claims … women he says never had sex with him. Other women who have had sex with him have pressed such a claim, and we’re told he has a pat answer … if there’s proof he’s the dad, he will fully support the child. Our sources say none of the prior claims have proven true. (TMZ)

Last night, New York rapper A$AP Rocky shut down rumors about snitching on Drake having an alleged son.

This week, a report emerged suggesting Rocky blessed Drake rival Pusha-T with the deets.

“ASAP Rocky knew everything that was going on because he was still seeing Sophie even while she was pregnant. Everyone knew that she thought Drake was the father, but ASAP confirmed it as 100% true to Pusha T who decided to use that information in his song. Sophie is a known groupie and former escort. She married a man for a green card and still is technically married. Drake unfortunately picked the wrong one to not use protection with, she thinks she hit the lottery with him.” (Black Sports Online)

In a new interview, rap veteran Ice Cube said Pusha went too far by mentioning Drizzy’s family in his “The Story of Adidon” diss record.

“I don’t know if that did,” Cube said when asked if he thought Drake fell from the top of rap from his Pusha-T feud. “Your reign becomes over. I think the audience has determined that. You can have three years and own the airwaves but then it’s time for somebody else. That’s just the pattern. That was the pattern with me. My son, O’shea Jackson Jr. has been keeping me updated on [the Pusha/Drake feud] because I’ve been performing myself – dissing is like revenge. Everybody’s gotta figure out what’s over the top, what’s too far, what’s not. [Pusha-T talking about Drake’s mom and dad?] That ain’t cool. I’ma have to see you – I didn’t really speak on families and moms and dads [with ‘No Vaseline.’] I didn’t start it.” (106 KMEL)