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Drake’s Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Shares Rare Look At Their Son Adonis On 31st Birthday

Written By Rosario Harper

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OVO Sound boss Drake‘s former flame Sophie Brussaux made sure to turn 31 with their son Adonis in her arms. The hip-hop model went online this weekend to share some more birthday celebration moments to the masses.

Sophie Brussaux Shares Adonis Moment

Heading into Sunday, Brussaux returned to Instagram with a batch of new pics. One of the celebration shots featured her and Drake’s blonde-haired mini-me.

“Arabia’s nights birthday theme… I have the best friends ever thank you @artshelpsorg @mocpr @noem3 @missadi @mercedes.tropea @mariamghone @capitainemckee @hamzalavezzi @inonod0715 @anthonyde_oliveira @laplusfraichelaplusbelle @nanfray @kay_ramy @malikbentalha @valeg23 @nadia.fullin for that full movie production (I cried)! And Esther, that hair 💖 @hairbyestylez…thank you for all the good vibes everyone :)” -Sophie Brussaux’s Instagram

Sophie Brussaux shares Adonis moment on her birthday.

High-Key Details

On Saturday, Brussaux welcomed her 31st year on Earth by flying a plane. She made sure to document the experience with footage posted onto her Instagram page.

“So today I flew a plane 🤩 thanks team, best birthday ever!!” -Sophie Brussaux’s Instagram

Sophie Brussaux turns 31 by flying a plane.

Sophie also shared a pic of herself showing off her pink birthday-themed hair and posed in front of the plane she flew.

“Slaying that birthday hair 💖 @hairbyestylez” -Sophie Brussaux’s Instagram

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Slaying that birthday hair 💖 @hairbyestylez

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Wait, There’s More

On Wednesday, Brussaux went to her social media pages to bless fans with a revamped blonde look. Her hair came after making a name for herself with a signature dark brown head top.

“Blonde?” -Sophie Brussaux’s Instagram

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A post shared by Sophie Brussaux 🧿 (@sophieknowsbetter) on

Drake’s ex Sophie blonde hair goals activated.

Before You Go

A few months ago, social media celebrated Drake and Sophie revealing their son Adonis to the masses.

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Written by Rosario Harper

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