OVO Sound boss Drake’s rumored baby mother Sophie “Rosee Divine” Brussaux might have more than adult films to her name. The hip-hop vixen reportedly starred in a past reality TV show called “Real Mistresses of Atlanta.”

New details have surfaced about Brussaux’s role in the unaired reality project.

We dug up an old trailer for a 2012 show called “Real Mistresses of Atlanta,” in which Sophie Brussaux — who used her stage name, Rosee Divine — is introduced as one of the four leading ladies. She called herself a French model who likes luxury. In one scene she’s seen talking to an anonymous NBA player over the phone, and he tells her to buy a condo she liked. The implication is pretty clear … he’s married, but he’s also Sophie’s sugar daddy. (TMZ)

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Despite generating some attention, reports claim the series didn’t make it onto broadcast television.

Producer Mickey ‘Memphitz’ Wright — the ex-bf of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle — created and produced the show. He reportedly shopped it around to TV execs, and sources at Oxygen tell us the network was very interested … but, ultimately no one bought it. There are no episodes or seasons listed on the Internet. (TMZ)

Sophie has turned into a household name after getting referenced by Drake’s rap rival Pusha-T‘s “The Story of Adonis” diss record.

Considering most of “The Story of Adidon” is focused on roasting Drake, it’s important to look into Pusha’s claims that he is a “deadbeat mothaf***a playin’ border patrol”. The border patrol remark comes from the fact that Brussaux and the child live in France together, far away from the United States. Despite their physical boundaries, Drake has been providing financial support ever since the child was born. He could be doing this out of love for Adonis, for Brussaux, for both, or simply to just keep everything on the low. (SOHH)