OVO Sound‘s Drake seems like he thinks Diddy and Jay Z might be out here looking for revenge. A social media move has the Internet trying to analyze Drizzy’s thoughts.

A screenshot has surfaced of Drake co-signing an Instagram shot captioned “Toast to the days they wasn’t out to get me” with the music moguls featured.


This week, rap star Kanye West publicly revealed Jay Z fell back from collaborating with Drake out of respect for Drizzy rap rival Meek Mill.

No caption needed …. just open your ears! #MeekMill #JayZ #KanyeWest #TheChasers

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Recently, Meek Mill revealed what key social media advice he received from Jay.

“I was talking to Jay. He was like, ‘Don’t be going on the Internet arguing with them. You can’t win. There’s too many against one. Don’t even try it,'” Meek revealed. “I don’t want to always touch on violence all the time [in my music]. I want to give a message to the young kids. Get some money, take care of your family. Growing up, ‘gangsta’ to me was, you had to be robbing, you had to be killing, you had to do a lot of stuff. My new definition of ‘gangsta’ is go get your mom a house.” (My Mixtapez)